Youth Sports Australia are the best in business when it comes to finding the best coaches in Sydney. We cater for all ages from 5+ and ability levels, whether it may be beginners trying new sports or professionals looking to take their game to the next level. Our coaching sessions provide great opportunities to receive 1 on 1 or smaller group sessions, enabling our athletes to receive tailored and specialised training programs that suit the needs of each individual. To find out more give us a call or fill in the form below to receive a quote today!


1 on 1 sessions

Development & Fun

Our 1 on 1 sessions are designed for young athletes who need the extra help in developing skills, confidence and knowledge in their chosen sport. Our coaching sessions are tailor made to each young athletes ability level. Each session consist of a mixture of drills, challenges, educational to break down parts of their game and most importantly FUN. Our private coaches form a unique relationship with their athletes; unlike team coaches, our coaches’ top priority is to help your child improve.

Small Group Sessions

With our small group sessions, the benefits go way beyond just sport. Our coaches will improve other areas and aspects in relation to their game including mental, emotional and cognitive skills. Working in smaller groups, athletes can receive more attention than in team settings, whilst also developing skills such as team work, leadership and commitment.

High Performance

We design training sessions for young athletes looking to go pro. For our young high performance athletes, we use specialised coaching to break down parts of the game where our athletes need development to make them better, fitter, stronger and a more skilful athlete. In team sports, we also cater training sessions to suite each players style and position and provide written feedback after each session. The private training you receive will help you meet your goals and achieve excellence in your sport. 





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