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Youth Sports Australia believes in giving children the best opportunities to participate in high quality sports education programs during Before/After school hours. At Youth Sports Australia, all children will be provided with the best care, all while leading healthy and active lives. Through our OOSH program, children will have opportunities to participate in a range of sports, healthy eating programs and academic tutoring. Our specially designed program ensures that all children grow up to become physically literate, all while having the best fun under our care!

Physical Literacy

Enjoy Pure Fun

Each day of the week our children will have opportunities to learn different sports taught by our qualified PE teachers. We have reinvented OOSH with a purpose, an opportunity for children to participate in organised sport programs, develop Fundamental Movement Skills and partake in healthy eating campaigns. Ability is also irrelevant at Youth Sports Australia, as our lessons are focused on effort and attitude and having fun.


Promoting Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a high priority for Youth Sports Australia. We embed healthy eating programs in both our Beforeschool and Afterschool activities. All of our meals are planned with consideration from the Australian Guide to Health Eating and the Eat Smart Playsmart Manual. 

This includes a free healthy breakfast for all children who attend our Before school clubs, as well as optional healthy pre packaged meal options for parents who would like the convenience of knowing that their child will always have a healthy lunch and afternoon tea available.During our care, your child will also be taught the value of healthy eating as well opportunities to participate in different healthy eating campaigns each school term to promote early habits for leading healthy lives. 


Academic Development

At Youth Sports Australia, We understand the time constraints parents may have leading busy working lifestyles. So we want to take the stress away from parents who may not have time to assist their children with their academic development. Youth Sports Australia understands the importance of how the participation of sport can drive academic achievement, so we have created the best formula for our students to not only participate in sport but use this as a tool to motivate and improve academic achievement. Parents can select from free homework/support clubs or small group tutoring for a small fee of $10 an hour. 


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