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Youth Sports Australia provides schools with the opportunity to teach high quality P.E programs. All our coaches are highly qualified P.E teachers who understand what it takes to teach a successful engaging lesson. We supply schools with syllabus based programs that have been designed to tailor the needs of developing and assessing children's physical literacy levels. Our prices range from $2-3 per student depending on the program. We are flexible and programs can be designed to suite the needs for each school.

PDHPE Programs

Inspired Through Physical Literacy

All our PDHPE programs are outcome based and compliant with the NSW K-6 (PDHPE) syllabus. With fully qualified PDHPE teachers, delivering high quality P.E lessons are of the utmost of importance to our schools. Each program can be tailored to suit the needs of each school. Youth Sports Australia programs are highly engaging, dynamic and differentiated to suit the needs of varying ability levels. Our programs get children excited about sport, build self confidence and develop essential skills needed for the 21st century such as teamwork, cooperation, leadership and inclusivity.

Gymnastics Program

Explore New Skills

Our gymnastic programs aim to deliver stage specific, affordable gymnastic programs to suit the needs of every school. Our highly qualified teachers are experienced in catering to diverse learning needs whilst also aligning our lessons to the National Curriculum through the PDHPE syllabus. Our energetic and passionate teachers specialise in making learning about gymnastics fun and engaging which will leave children excited for the next lesson.


Youth Sports Australia has developed one of the best Athletic programs in Australia. Coached by highly accredited P.E teacher's, means your school will be delivered the most engaging athletic lessons catering for all ability levels. We also assess children using the physical literacy framework. At Youth Sports Australia, we not only focus on developing children's fundamental movement skills using the latest techniques and methods, but we also inspire kids to be active for life and also develop inclusive behaviours such as sportsmanship, teamwork and encouragement awards.

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